Purpose: This script scans the user directories and reports the installed CMS packages and what version it is running. It can be set to report just outdated packages and scan specific users. It has the ability to search for common versions of the following packages:


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From Only recently the Cockpit project was launched, aiming at providing a web based management interface for various servers. It already leaves an interesting impression for simple management tasks…

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Downgrading PHP with the new EasyApache


cPanel is now upgrading php via an EA by default which when run, can upgrade a customers default php version to 5.4. As mentioned in an earlier post, part of cPanels EA EndOfLife email, 5.2.17 is no longer included in the php version list for EA. With that said, cPanel has made the downgrade process extremely simple. Below are the simple copy/pasta instructions for downgrading the php to 5.2.17 with the new EA version.


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20 Useful Terminal Emulators for Linux


A Terminal emulator is a computer program that reproduces a video terminal within some other display structure. In other words the Terminal emulator has an ability to make a dumb machine appear like a client computer networked to the server. The terminal emulator allows an end user to access console as well as its applications such as text user interface and command line interface.


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