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Hi, When I started this blog, I started it for my own benefit so I could remember those little tweaks or fixes which escape memory at crucial times when a needed repair or a new issue arose that I had never dealt with before. When I would research these issues, I would come across great…

SQL online courses – learn with us |

Some websites are providing memberships for free – like Source: SQL online courses – learn with us |


Dark Mode wg-access-server (this link opens in a new window) by Place1 (this link opens in a new window) An all-in-one WireGuard VPN solution with a web ui for connecting devices 5 Subscribers 121 Watchers 10 Forks Check out this repository on (this link opens in a new window) WG-access-server is a single binary…

Open Source Political Software | Elizabeth-Warren Hello from the Warren for President Tech Team. Over the past year, our team worked as hard as we could to make getting involved with Elizabeth’s campaign as easy as possible — whether it was connecting new volunteers with organizers in their area, empowering volunteers to text voters, or making finding your polling place…


A platform for easily managing your cloud server and Wireguard access Mistborn started as a passion project for a husband and father protecting his family. Certain family members insisted on connecting their devices to free WiFi networks. We needed a way to secure all family devices with a solid VPN (Wireguard). Once we had that…

zeroclickinfo-goodies: DuckDuckGo Instant Answers based on Perl & JavaScript

A collections of keyboard shortcuts for many GUI application and websites. 0 forks. 19 stars. 0 open issues. Recent commits: Merge pull request #1 from mt-empty/add-license-1Added Apache license, GitHub Create LICENSE, GitHub updated readme, mt-empty Included JSON files, mt-empty added missing links to readme, mt-empty

Meet a Helpful Human – Ronald Caldwell | Liquid Web

Source: Meet a Helpful Human – Ronald Caldwell | Liquid Web


Darling is a translation layer that lets you run macOS software on Linux


Retroshare establish encrypted connections between you and your friends to create a network of computers, and provides various distributed services on top of it: forums, channels, chat, mail… Retroshare is fully decentralized, and designed to provide maximum security and anonymity to its users beyond direct friends. Retroshare is entirely free and open-source software. It is…

ripgrep – sourcehut git

‘hyper’grep – a fork of ripgrep (rg) with hyperscan support Source: ~pierrenn/ripgrep – sourcehut git

Install Disk Space Saver App on Linux Ubuntu 19.10/18.04 LTS!

Disk Space Saver: Just a click will be required to free up your disk space effortlessly with the use of this application. It is a mini tool that helps you to locate huge space on the hard drive in seconds. Source: Install Disk Space Saver App on Linux Ubuntu 19.10/18.04 LTS!