Purpose: This script scans the user directories and reports the installed CMS packages and what version it is running. It can be set to report just outdated packages and scan specific users. It has the ability to search for common versions of the following packages:

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Additional packages can be added by adding a function with the signature to identify the package.


Install via Github: Github

mkdir -p /root/bin/
wget --no-check-certificate -O /root/bin/versionfinder
chmod 700 /root/bin/versionfinder


/root/bin/versionfinder [OPTIONS] [--user usernames] [--directory directories]

Scans server for known CMS versions and reports what is found


Only prints outdated CMS installs.

Prints the current signature versions and exits.

Also scans cPanel's suspended accounts.

Forces an update of the script and signatures file.

Adding Directories Manually:

Given a space seperated list, will scan the homedir for each linux user.

Given a space seperated list, will scan each directory.

If --user or --directory options are not set, will attempt to find users for cPanel and Plesk.
On systems without cPanel or Plesk, will attempt to scan /home and /var/www/html

Automated Updates

The latest version of the script will now automatically check for updates to the script and signatures file every time the script is run. It does not require any special tags to do this update, it is built in before it does any scans. This is limited to doing a check every 24 hours, but can be overridden using –update.

On systems that do not have curl, the update check will not be done. If the system does not have curl or wget the signatures file will not be downloaded. In this case you will need to manually download the signatures file from the repo and keep that updated.

More information can be found on the github site…



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