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When I started this blog, I started it for my own benefit so I could remember those little tweaks or fixes which escape memory at crucial times when a needed repair or a new issue arose that I had never dealt with before. When I would research these issues, I would come across great posts and information I wanted to remember and posted that information here. If I did not give credit where credit was due regarding those posts and if you find something that was posted by you, please let me know and I will credit the post to you. I cannot remember where I pulled all of the information from so, if you see something that is yours, do not fret, I am not stealing your shtuff, I am posting it so all can read and learn from the mistakes and information I have gathered. Most of the posts are mine, but not all. Thank you all for your patience and information you have shared to better improve the linux experience.

Oh and by the way, if you see a post that has outdated or incorrect information, please, please, pretty please let me know so I can update it. Believe it or not, I use this site also and I want my information to be up to date as well. Thanks again for visiting.


I am a g33k, Linux blogger, developer, student and Tech Writer for My passion for all things tech drives my hunt for all the coolz. I often need a vacation after I get back from vacation....

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    the very nice article with so many helpful information I am learning Linux

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