Storm On Demand Declared Best Cloud Computing Service

Storm On Demand Declared Best Cloud Computing Service by Independent Analyst
Storm On Demand more powerful and less expensive than Amazon EC2!

LANSING, Mich., June 23, 2010 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — On Monday Cloud Computing analyst,, completed their fourth round of benchmark testing of Cloud Computing platforms. This round of testing was focused on Memory IO. Five Storm On Demand Servers topped the list and outperformed Amazon EC2 and Rackspace Cloud.

On June 1st, Cloud Harmony conducted a round of benchmarking that was specifically focused on raw CPU Power. Cloud Harmony determined that Storm On Demand 48GB Cloud Server was the top performing server and when compared to Amazon EC2, Storm On Demand was 57% faster at nearly half of the cost! Cloud Harmony benchmarked more than 150 different cloud server configurations and more than 20 cloud computing companies.

Cloud Harmony results:

Storm On Demand “by far the most diverse heterogeneous infrastructure.”

“Storm’s 48GB cloud server was the top performer out of all of our benchmarked servers with 42.5 CCUs and a Geekbench score of 13020! This is most likely due to the very new and extremely fast Xeon X5650 ‘Westmere’ hardware it runs on.”

The top performers in the Memory IO benchmark category were Storm on Demand (6 servers with scores 116 and above), and EC2.

Benchmark Methodology Used by Cloud Harmony:

All benchmarked cloud servers were configured almost identically using CentOS 64-bit. To compute the score, the results from each of the 7 benchmarks on the baseline server are compared to the same benchmark results for a cloud server. The baseline server benchmark score represents 100% for each benchmark. If a cloud server scores higher than the baseline it receives a score higher than 100% (based on how much higher the score is) and vise-versa for a lower score.

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Storm On Demand is a proprietary cloud computing platform and server hosting infrastructure developed by Liquid Web Inc’s software development staff. Storm On Demand makes it quick and easy to deploy and manage cloud servers from within a web browser. Storm features include instant server setup, utility style hourly billing, ability to clone server images, easy server scaling and complete backup/restoration capabilities. Storm On Demand is a wholly owned subsidiary of the managed hosting company Liquid Web Incorporated that was founded in 1997. Storm servers are deployed within Liquid Web’s 90,000 square foot state-of-the-art Cloud Data Center in the mid-western United States. Storm servers are backed by the engineering and support services of the Liquid Web Heroic Support team which is on site and available 24x7x365.


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