Disable suhosin for single domain

From linuxgo.net

Disable suhosin via php.ini

1. Login in server as root
2. copy main php.ini in users document root
cp /usr/local/lib/php.ini /home/username/public_html
3. Open php.ini using any editor

vi php.ini

; Misc Options
suhosin.simulation = On [On is for disable suhosin and off means enabled]

4. Save the file and exit

Disable suhosin using .htaccess

1. create .htaccess file under /home/username/public_html

and add this line

php_flag suhosin.simulation On

save and exit the editor.

If server is suphp enabled

enter following code in .htaccess

deny from all

suPHP_ConfigPath /home/username

Save the file and exit. After that restart apache and suhosin will be disabled for this account.


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