LibreCaptcha is a framework that allows developers to create their own CAPTCHAs. It allows developers to easily create new types of CAPTCHAs by defining a structure for them. Mundane details are handled by the framework itself. Details such as:

  • Background workers to render CAPTCHAs and to store them in a database
  • Providing an HTTP interface for serving CAPTCHAs
  • Managing secrets for the CAPTCHAs (tokens, expected answers, etc)
  • Safe re-impressions of CAPTCHA images (by creating unique tokens for every impression)
  • Sandboxed plugin architecture (To be done)

Some sample CAPTCHA generators are included in the distribution. We will continue adding more samples to the list. For quick deployments, the samples themselves might be sufficient. Projects with more resources could create their own CAPTCHAs and use the samples as inspiration.

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