Cpanel warn: Attempt to free unreferenced scalar

This is in reference to the Cpanel Package creation warning message seen here: Attempt to free unreferenced scalar

The client was attempting to create packages for a reseller via WHM. WHM was showing a blank page and it did not appears that the packages were being created. In checking the CPanel error logs, located in /usr/local/cpanel/logs/error_log, the following error was seen:

(internal warning while parsing [stdin]) Wed Aug 193 13:21:08 2009 [94568] warn: Attempt to free unreferenced scalar.

The solution to this error is to go to WHM -> Server Configuration -> Tweak Settings and choose the setting for:

“The maximum memory a cPanel process can use before it is killed off (in megabytes). Values less than 128 megabytes can not be specified. A value of “0? will disable the memory limits.”

The settings has a 256M default setting, and increasing the value to 1024 MB solved the issue. The server itself had 4Gigs of RAM, so a value of 1024M would work fine here.


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