To install any package via the command line in debian, redhat, slackware and suse linux, you can use the following;


For the debian (ubuntu, knoppix, etc) distro variants;

apt-get install package_name

sudo apt-get install nmap iftop ntop audacious
sudo dpkg -i nmap..deb

search package:

sudo aptitude search nmap

To Update/Update a package:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

(please read manual page of apt-get for more help)

man apt-get
apt-get --help


For the redhat (centos, fedora, etc) distro variants;

yum -y install package_name

yum -y install nmap iftop ntop httpd* mysql*
rpm -ivh nmap..rpm

To Update/Upgrade a package:

yum update nmap
yum upgrade

To search for a package:
yum search
yum search nmap


For the slackware distro variants;


installpkg nmap..tgz

(you can use the man page for more help)

installpkg --help
man installpkg


For the suse distro variants;

yum install

yast install nmap ntop iftop

(please read the man page for more help)

[ root: ~ ] # yast --help
[ root: ~ ] # man yast

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