Third Party Apps for cPanel/WHM

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Third Party Applications Available for cPanel/WHM

I have created this list about third party software available for cPanel/WHM based on popular demand. This is for informational purposes only and does not constitute any endorsement. All items are listed alphabetically to show no preference.

If you know of any third party applications currently available for cPanel/WHM that are not listed here, please post a reply to this thread.


Backup Utilities

Billing Automation

Commercial Billing Applications
Some applications may require additional modules for cPanel/WHM integration.

Free Billing Applications
Some applications may require additional modules for cPanel/WHM integration.

  • AgileBill –
  • phpCOIN –

Clustering or High Availability

Centralized Management

Centralized Password Retrieval

Content Delivery Network (CDN) Support

cPAddons (“one click installations”)

File Viewing/Management via WHM


Resellers (Multi-Level)

Spam Protection and Mail Management


Website Builders

Misc. Applications

  • CPX ( – Adds extra functionality to the cPanel interface such as blocking proxies and harvesters.
  • Easy Domain Creator Pro ( – Create many parked, add-on or subdomains simultaneously.
  • Old Script Finder – Finds outdated scripts being hosted by your cPanel/WHM server.
  • RBL Checker WHM Plugin (…checker-plugin) – Check if an IP address is on a RBL via WHM.
  • TextTrust Control Panel – Reports spelling mistakes on websites.
  • Upload Guardian ( – Virus scanner for file uploads
  • WHMEZLogin ( – Create multiple logins for a single WHM Root or Reseller account.
  • WHMSonic IRC Admin ( – IRC Integration with cPanel/WHM
  • WHMSonic Shoutcast Admin Pro ( – Shoutcast integration with cPanel/WHM
  • Xtra ( – Adds many new functions to WHM including IP monitoring, installation of FFMPEG and interfaces in WHM to many cPanel/WHM command-line scripts and much more.
  • Zamfoo Migrator ( – Allows resellers to restore account backups (full web site backups) via WHM


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