Month: November 2010

Running php4 & php5 concurrently

Obscure linux commands

apropos- display a list of all topics in the man pages by command names based on keyword search usage: apropos keyword apropos pstree apropos editor ————- bg/fg – background or foreground a job (command) – adding an ampersand ( & ) to the command runs the job in the background bg [options] [job] 1) start…

Modern Perl 5

From Modern Perl by┬áchromatic Perl 1.0 came out in 1987. In the decades since then, The language has gone from a simple tool for system administration somewhere between shell scripting and C programming (Perl 1) to a powerful, general purpose language steeped in a rich heritage (Perl 5) and a consistent, coherent, rethinking of…

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