Day: January 4, 2010

Running Easyapache upgrades PHP

Please take note; Running easyapache via cpanel scripts will automatically default to PHP 5.3.1 during the build. EA automatically checks 5.3 as the default php regardless of the current version. Do NOT upgrade to 5.3.1 unless you have investigated the upgrade with your existing code. It has deprecated many functions and can break a good…

SpamAssassin Bug

This is a notification received from Cpanel regarding a bug found in SpamAssassin. The Quality Assurance team discovered a bug within the SpamAssassin ruleset that will mark messages sent in the year 2010 (that’s today) and beyond with a higher spam score than expected. This bug can result in legitimate mail being flagged as spam….

Resolving DNS Issues

When you come across an issue with DNS, it can be very frustrating, to say the least. We will not go in depth regarding bind or how DNS resolution happens, because it would take a large tome, bound in leather, of at least 1200 pages, weighing at least 75 pounds to contain it all. We…

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