You might have heard about the well known command line utility called FFMPG which converts videos from one format to another. If you are a developer or system administrator and you develop or administer Linux based apps then you probably know how complex it is to work with the command line utility to convert videos.

WinFF makes it easier, you can easily convert files with the GUI interface rather than stuffing your head with the difficult and long commands of FFMPG. To put in a netshell, it is the graphical interface for FFMPG.


The key features of this tool include the support for multiple formats and multiple languages. Further this tool can also be used on different versions of Windows. It also doesn’t require any external codecs.

The installation of this tool is very simple, just open the terminal and run the following command to install it.

sudo apt-get install winff

Once the installation is over, you can launch it from Applications > Sound &Video > Video Convert WinFF.

Click the Add button, to add the video which you wish to convert, then choose the destination file type from the Convert To drop down box.

You can specify the destination folder to save the converted file by using the Output Folder option.

The Additional Options section at the bottom of the window lets you specify the Video Bitrate , FrameRate and other relevant settings. Once done with all the settings hit the Convert button to convert the file.


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