WHM APF Interface 2

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APF WHM Interface.
After the success of our ffmpeg installer and sendmail logger , we are moving ahead with an installer to deploy an interface for APF firewall. The APF firewall is one that is widely used and trusted for years now. You can download the installer from http://scriptmantra.info/scripts/A-AST_APF_Interface

Please note that you will need to register your copy to work at : http://installers.admin-ahead.com/index.php to make it work. Any servers which are already registered for ffmpeg / sendmail scripts need NOT register again.

Please note that the APF firewall should already be installed to make the interface work. We are proceeding on implementing BFD along with this installer, and it should only be a matter of few days before we can bring that one to you.

The software page is at : http://admin-ahead.com/apf_interface.html (no longer working)

Once again, we thank everyone who has supported us during the past releases and surely hope that this installer will also bring peace of mind for your administrators.


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