Which linux distribution is best for you?

If you are new to linux and are looking to try it out, you can use this online utility to give you more information to make an informed decision. The Linux Distribution Chooser is an on line application where you have to answer series of questions related to your needs, which also includes questions on your knowledge of Linux and type of OS you are looking for and depending on your answers the application will gives you a list of recommendations on the Linux distributions that best suits your needs.

There are four main distributions available to choose from:


Each one has it’s own derivative distribution which are more specific to certain needs; the complete map can be seen here;

Here is a complete list of the distributions available: Linux Distributions
A comparision of all of the linux distributions can be found here: Comparison of Linux Distributions

Choose wisely grasshopper… and remember, if one distribution does not suit your needs, ask in the forums of each distro for advise. Most seasoned linux users will be more than happy to provide you with information to guide you in the correct direction. Use the live cd’s to test the ones which may best suit your needs and don’t be afraid to make changes. Linux is all about experience, learning and having fun while being prductive.


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