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The net is full of many dangers which might pop up and eat you at any time. Therefore we must be very careful when we surf the web! But.. its really hard to say whether a web site is trusted or not by just going to it.. The site might say “Hi we are safe” but who knows what dangers it have? Well.. to solve this problem we have services in the world which will allow you to get a goodreport on reputation of any web site! Today we are going to talk about a service which will combine the power of the most popular site reputationservices together and give you a report which you can trust even more!

McAfee, Google, WOT and Alexa are some popular websites which you can use to learn a lot about any website on the net. If those sites say something bad about a site… then you must think twice before putting that site in your address bar!

Webutation.org is a place which will give you a good reputation report on any web site on the net. It will not only scan and review the site by themselves, but it will also consider the reports made by the professionals of this field!

Sometimes you can say that its like WOT because it accepts reviews from the community. But in addition to that, they also show reports from other well reputed sites and also shows what people say about it on twitter! Look at the above report that they gave on TechHamlet.com. By scanning our site and checking with the other top services.. they decided to declare that we are 100% safe!

Webutation will also release a Firefox plugin like WOT and McAfee to warn you about the dangerous sites automatically without making you run for Webutation.org as soon as you see any suspicious web site.


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