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I’ve selected useful and must-have tools for CTF games and computer security competitions. Most of this tools are often indispensable during the games (especially task-based/jeopardy CTF games).
I’ve combined tools by categories just like in CTF games: Reverse, Steganography, Networking, Forensics, Cryptography, Scripting.
Most of tools are cross-platform, but some of them are only for Windows or Linux.
Here the light and dark editions of cheat sheets/posters with tools:

This is the first version of useful CTF tools cheat sheets. I’m planning to update them with new useful tools.
Thanks to shr for a good advice to add the links for tools. Here are the links to the tools from cheat sheets:

Reverse Engineering:
IDA Pro –
Immunity Debugger –
OllyDbg –
radare2 –
Hopper –
nm – unix/linux tool
objdump – linux tool
strace – linux tool
ILSpy –
FFDec –
dex2jar –
uncompyle2 –
Hex editors:
HxD –
Neo –
Bless –
wxHexEditor –
Exe unpackers – Unpacking Kit 2012 –

Wireshark, tshark –
OpenVPN –
OpenSSL –
tcpdump –
netcat –
nmap –

OpenStego –
OutGuess –
Steghide –
StegFS –
pngcheck –
Audacity –
MP3Stego –
ffmpeg (for video analysis) –

dd – unix/linux tool
strings – unix/linux tool
scalpel –
TrID –
binwalk –
foremost –
ExifTool –
Digital Forensics Framework (DFF) –
Computer Aided INvestigative Environment (CAINE) Linux forensics live distribution –
The Sleuth Kit (TSK) –
Volatility –

Scripting / PPC (Professional Programming and Coding):
Text editors:
Sublime Text –
Notepad++ –
vim –
emacs –

Cryptool –
hashpump –
Sage –
John the Ripper –
xortool –
Online tools:
Modules for python – pycrypto –



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