Unable to load iptables module ipt_state, aborting.

I recently upgraded kernel of my linux server. After this, APF Firewall stopped working. It give error message on starting firewall.

[root@server10 apf]# apf -s
Unable to load iptables module (ipt_state), aborting.
[root@server10 apf]#

The problem is due to module ipt_state is no longer exists, the name is changed to xt_state. On the server, the module is available at


The error can be fixed by editing /etc/apf/internals/functions.apf

vim /etc/apf/internals/functions.apf


ml ipt_state 1
ml ipt_multiport 1


ml xt_state
ml xt_multiport

Now start apf with apf -r, firewall now works. Yea!


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