Ultimate Bashrc File

From gnome-look.org

For those who love using the terminal, here is a ‘.bashrc’ file I created, mainly for those who’ve had issues with their own. Hopefully it’ll benefit those of whom love aliases, functions, and such. Probably more than you need, so modify all you want. I’ve organized it best I can to make it easier for using and modification. This is also for those many who’ve had a difficult time finding a good source for their own on the net, like it was for me.

Oh, and any modifications that others wish to share are always welcome.


Just extract the tar file and put in your home directory. You may have to overwrite the current one, so be sure to backup whatever beforehand. FYI, the default text in the ‘.bashrc’ is included in this version so if you haven’t modified it at all, you should have nothing to worry about.

To refresh it, just type in the terminal:

source ~/.bashrc

…or just close your terminal window and open it again.



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