Ubuntu Lucid: First version of user manual

From Toolinux.com

Initiated several weeks ago, the proposed creation of a comprehensive manual for the use of Ubuntu, has just passed a milestone with the publication of a first draft. The ambitious target is to achieve a 150-page book, translated into 30 different languages. This book is intended primarily for new users and beginners who will find this book through all the information from which to explore their new release: Download the ISO until the discovery of different software system.

Currently we have over 80 pages with this pre-release, the main content is now complete but it still lacks some important details like the screenshots, which should happen soon. The final version will be provided March 18 next, leaving one month of work to translate in different languages, and will be available in the main Ubuntu repositories or html format on the site of Canonical, all under Creative Commons Attribution License -Share Alike 3.0.

Here is the link to the project for those who want more details and participate in the project wiki page.

Link: download the manual in English


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