Toto, a Tiny WordPress Killer


couple of months ago I migrated UsabilityPost from WordPress to Toto and am really enjoying the switch. Toto is a tiny blogging engine by Alexis Sellier (creator of LESS) that on the face of it appears so simple, and yet is able to do so much.

Toto stores all your posts as text files. The engine is written in the Ruby programming language and so you can use Ruby throughout your template files to add extra functionality. Additionally, Toto works extremely well with Heroku, a Ruby cloud host, which makes deployment especially easy—you can actually get a new blog up and running in about 10 seconds.

I’m really excited about this because Toto isn’t just very easy to style, customize and deploy, it’s also secure and can handle huge traffic loads. Before Toto, WordPress would be my first choice if I wanted to start a new blog. Now, Toto has completely replaced WordPress for me. Need to start up a new blog for a project? Grab Toto, style a couple of template files, deploy on Heroku and it’s live, ready to handle everything you throw at it. No messing around with databases, config files and admin panels. Read my introduction to Toto to find out more about why I think Toto is so great.

Now, let’s get to the main focus of this post. I’d like to walk you through on how to get started with Toto and share with you the little modifications and updates I’ve implemented on my template files to make the most of this little blogging engine.

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