Top 10 top 10 lists for 2010

Since the top 10 list is so “in” right now, I figured I would add to the noise and nonsense by providing this tongue in cheek version of my top 10 list of the top 10 lists for 2010. Yes, I know it’s only February but what the heck, it doesn’t really matter does it? A top 10 list is a top ten list right???

So, to continue the noise in no particular order, lets jump right in…

  1. Top 10 Home Distros For 2010
  2. Best Linux Distro of the Decade (2000-2009)
  3. Top 5 top 5s for Linux (really 20 total so this could be a top 20 list)
  4. Top 10 Free Video Editors for Ubuntu
  5. Top 10 slick browsers
  6. Ten Technologies That Will Rock 2010
  7. Ten reasons Linux and BSD are vastly superior to Windows – Parts I and II (another 20 total so this could be a top 20 list)
  8. Top 10 Linux financial tools
  9. Top 10 Linux Backup and Recovery software
  10. Top 10 Free WordPress Themes for 2010
  11. 10 Free Windows 7 Look Alike Theme For Linux Based OS (not sure why someone would want this… but, to each there own)
  12. Top Ten Curiously Useful Linux commands (as opposed to… )
  13. 10 Things You MUST do after Installing Ubuntu 9.10
  14. Top 100 Linux Sites (there are only 13 on the list, and this was as of the 16th…)
  15. Top 10 Game Download Websites For Linux
  16. and finally…

  17. 10 Top 10 Lists for Linux

Yea, I know there are 16 Top Ten lists here… they all throw in something extra too, so I figured I might as well also… enjoy!


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