Test Drive Ubuntu

From webupd8.org

TestDrive is an Ubuntu application that is especially designed for non-technical users to easily download and run the latest Ubuntu development daily snapshot in a virtual machine. TestDrive also works for other Ubuntu flavours such as Kubuntu or Xubuntu.

You don’t have to do anything, TestDrive will even handle the ISO download and later sync it (the first time you download an ISO it is fully downloaded but then the ISO can be synced using zsync so you won’t have to download the whole ISO each time you want download the latest version). We already talked about TestDrive a while back so head over to that post for more info on TestDrive.

TestDrive used to be a command-line only application which is not exactly newbie friendly so a GUI was created (not yet fully ready – in fact it’s quite ugly for now, but it works!). I wanted to post it a long time ago, but it just wouldn’t work (for me anyway) but a recent update finally got TestDrive working so it should now work for everyone.

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