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tasksel is a useful command for Debian and Ubuntu users because it installs predefined collections of software. Say you’re looking at adding video editing tools or a LAMP server (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP). You could install the various components separately by issuing a series of sudo apt-get install commands, or you could just type

sudo tasksel

and select from the list …

A large number of collections are available …

Basic Ubuntu server
Cloud computing cluster
Cloud computing node
DNS server
Edubuntu server
LAMP server
Mail server
OpenSSH server
PostgreSQL database
Print server
Samba file server
Tomcat Java server
Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (instance)
Virtual Machine host
2D/3D creation and editing suite
Audio creation and editing suite
Edubuntu KDE desktop
Edubuntu desktop
Kubuntu desktop
Kubuntu netbook
LADSPA and DSSI audio plugins
Large selection of font packages
Mythbuntu additional roles
Mythbuntu frontend
Mythbuntu master backend
Mythbuntu slave backend
Ubuntu MID edition
Ubuntu Netbook Remix
Ubuntu desktop
Video creation and editing suite
Xubuntu desktop
Edubuntu live DVD
Kubuntu Netbook Edition live CD
Kubuntu live CD
Kubuntu live DVD
Mythbuntu live CD
Ubuntu MID live environment
Ubuntu Netbook Remix live environment
Ubuntu live CD
Ubuntu live DVD
Xubuntu live CD

Select with the mouse or spacebar and click OK to install!

Ubuntu users should not use tasksel to uninstall groups. There’s a long-standing bug with it that will uninstall your operating system as well — a bug I only discovered while trying it out! (Fortunately Linux is a doddle to reinstall, but it still wastes a good half hour.)


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