Sucuri experienced som connectivity issues due to a large DDOS which impacted some Sucuri Firewall Clusters in parts of Europe and the USA.

The last update states:

We experienced a very large-scale volumetric DDoS attack that affected multiple of our regions (mostly South America, Europe West and parts of USA East). The attack was big enough that caused some of our ports to be pretty close to capacity, causing very high latency and packet loss. In some other regions it caused temporary latency and packet loss.

We have been working for the last 4 hours with our upstream providers, our NOC and partners to help mitigate the attack and re-route the affected regions. Unfortunately, due to the size of the attack, it took a lot longer than expected to get it fully handled.

The situation seems to be resolved now, but we are still watching and monitoring our network very closely. We apologize for the disruption it caused to our clients and for our lack of updates here.

Updates to this situation can be found at

A timeline can also be seen at

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