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Storm Bare Metal provides all the features that you love about Storm Servers like instant server setup, clone, resize, backups and Cloud Attached Firewalls but on your own private dedicated server wholly allocated to you! Storm Bare Metal gives you complete Hardware Transparency so you can specify the exact processor, memory and hard drive configuration that is right for your project.

True Hybrid Hosting
Storm Bare Metal is a fusion of traditional dedicated hosting with the flexibility and speed of Cloud technology. From the same interface that you are already familiar with, you may now deploy flexible hybrid hosting configurations with a mixture of Storm Cloud Servers and Storm Bare Metal dedicated servers within the same management console.

Upgrades Made Easy!
It is now possible to easily move between Storm Cloud Servers and Storm Bare Metal Dedicated Servers with the click of a button! Storm allows users to easily clone, resize or restore between all sizes of Storm Bare Metal or Storm Cloud Servers. This means that if your Storm Cloud Server is getting overloaded, with a few clicks you can upgrade to a full Storm Bare Metal Dedicated Server without any migration pains. Or if you need to provision a small development sandbox to test a configuration change, you can clone your Storm Bare Metal Server to a Storm Cloud Server for few hours of testing and only be charged for what you used!

The Power of Storm

Instant Deployment
Set up a server in minutes, with the click of a button.

Easy Scaling
Scaling is as simple as selecting your new server size. Storm does the rest.

Hourly Billing
Pay for what you use, when you use it. Plus!

Hybrid configurations
The ultimate in flexible configurations, the combination of StormOnDemand and Storm Bare Metal allows you to truly use only what you need.

Dedicated Hardware
With Storm Bare Metal the server you are paying for is not shared, it’s wholly and completely yours.

Complete Hardware Transparency
Whether you need a specific CPU, or Drive configuration, Storm Bare Metal allows you to choose.
You Demand, We Deliver
Storm Bare Metal is a product developed from suggestions we received from Storm On Demand customers. We take feedback very seriously and use it to make Storm On Demand better for you. If you ever have any suggestions you can submit them to us by clicking on the ‘Share Your Feedback’ link at the bottom of your Storm interface, or you can send us an email to:

We care, and we’re listening.

New Storm on Demand Features from our Labs

Load Balancing
Load Balancing has never been easier than with Storm On Demand. Storm’s Load balancing feature makes it easy to create high availability web sites that can handle any size burst in traffic by distributing traffic across multiple nodes. Expected Release Date: June 2010

Our Windows Engineering team is developing our Storm On Demand Windows platform. We expect to begin beta testing in the 3rd quarter of 2010.

The Storm API allows access to everything you can control from within the Storm on Demand interface be it creating, cloning and resizing servers, modifying Cloud Attached Firewall rules, restoring server backups, creating private networks and so much more. The Storm API is currently being Beta Tested and will be released soon.


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