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Shelr is a service which allows you to record and replay and publish your terminal on This can be useful when you need to provide instruction on how a task was accomplished to a client. Granted, you will not want to publish any sensitive info when using this tool. The code for service is also available on github.


From gem
You’ll need ruby and rubygems installed.
[sudo] gem install shelr
On ubuntu older than precise or debian older than wheezy you should also add following to your .bashrc or .zshrc
export PATH=/var/lib/gems/1.8/bin:$PATH
Watch asciicast for details 🙂
From packages

Watching other’s records in your terminal
shelr play
You can watch them online at
Recording your terminal
shelr record
Recording started. Do what you whant to record… To finish recording type ‘exit’ or just Ctrl+D.
Publishing your record
shelr push last
When you have some asciicasts at your machine you can pick one:
shelr list (select id of your record)
shelr push ID

There is alias for last record:

If you want private record, provide –private switch:
shelr push last --private
Such record will be accessible by secret URL with access_key.
You need script tool from linux-utils. It’s already installed if You use Linux. Note that old school BSD script will not work.
Unfortunatly BSD and OSX ship old script wich lack timing support. If You use this systems – install ttyrec via ports macprots or homebrew and setup it as recording backend.
brew install ttyrec # OSX sudo port install ttyrec # BSD / OSX shelr backend ttyrec # BSD / OSX


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