Did you ever want to share files from the shell? Now you can just upload and download files without complexity from your shell or browser. Just upload the file using by dropping it to this page, curl or any other command using PUT to our server. We’ll return a shareable url, which will expire within 2 weeks.


Uploadcurl -vv --upload-file ./hello.txt http://transfer.sh/hello.txt
Create a share alias (add it to .bashrc):transfer() { curl --upload-file ./$1 http://transfer.sh/$1; }
alias transfer=transfer

Now you can just use transfer hello.txt to upload the file!
curl -L http://transfer.sh/66nb8/hello.txt
You can share files just by emailing the url.

Share your files from your Terminal

Specify the path of your file [Normal Method]

Last login : Wed, Sep 3, 2014 12:22 PM on ttyp1
Welcome to cURL.io!

1) Write the path of your file you desire to send above
2) And copy the command below and past it into your shell or terminal
*) Your file can be up to 5GB, and will be deleted after 4 hours
Then paste the command into your shell

curl.io:~# curl -F "file=@/var/backups/YourFile.tar.gz" \

Secure method (recommended)
curl.io:~# gpg -c "/var/backups/YourFile.tar.gz" && curl -F "file=@/var/backups/YourFile.tar.gz.gpg" \


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