Searching for commands Using apropos

You can use apropos command to displays a list of all topics in the built-in user manual that are related to the subject. The syntax is:

apropos query
apropos query | less
apropos keywords | grep 'something'

In this example, we get the list of editing programs/commands that are available on a system:

apropos editor
apropos editor | less

Sample outputs:

ed                   (1)  - text editor
ex                   (1p)  - text editor
mcedit               (1)  - Internal file editor of GNU Midnight Commander
nano                 (1)  - Nano's ANOther editor, an enhanced free Pico clone
psed                 (1)  - a stream editor
sed                  (1p)  - stream editor
sed                  (1)  - stream editor for filtering and transforming text
vi                   (1p)  - screen-oriented (visual) display editor
vim                  (1)  - Vi IMproved, a programmers text editor

Finally, use whatis and man command to obtain information about the mcedit or vi command that apropos provides:

whatis mcedit
whatis vi
man vi
man mcedit


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