New EasyApache 3.14 – PHP 4 support removed.

In a few days, cPanel intends to release EasyApache 3.14. On March 20, 2012, we announced the End of Life of PHP 4. EasyApache 3.14 will remove support for PHP 4.

If you are currently using PHP 4 as a DSO handler, EasyApache 3.14 will warn you to take action before performing a build. If your applications still require PHP 4 support, you will soon find an unsupported option module at This option module will build a mod_php handler for PHP 4, as well as a number of extensions. cPanel cannot stress enough, that this is an unsupported solution.

We are also introducing support for PHP 5.4, currently labeled as experimental, in EasyApache 3.14. We welcome any feedback you have regarding PHP 5.4, but strongly urge you not to deploy it in production environments at this time.


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