Reinstall the Plesk PMA tables

For Plesk 10.11

Basically Plesk updated and broke things. I imagine there could be some other cases when this breaks as well. For further details on the problem, see:

First locate the database tables that are missing.

Usually, it is something like:
/var/lib/mysql/phpmyadmin_$randomstringofchars/ and there would only be this file ‘db.opt‘.

If you login to phpmyadmin, the database name error will also be listed there.

Next, navigate to the Plesk phpmyadmin directory.

This can be found here: /usr/local/psa/admin/htdocs/domains/databases/phpMyAdmin

Then go into the folder called examples/.

At this point you just need to recreate the tables. “Make sure you have the correct database before proceeding”.

cd /usr/local/psa/admin/htdocs/domains/databases/phpMyAdmin/examples/
mysql phpmyadmin_$randomstringofchars < tables.sql

Check the database to verify tables are there and check phpmyadmin to verify that error is gone.

With Plesk, symptoms can be similar and issues may vary. If you have further problems, troubleshooting a little more.


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