Prosper202: The table ‘202_clicks_spy’ is full

I came across this error today when a client called and was having difficulty with his database while running Prosper202. Prosper202 is a pay per click affiliate marketing software.

If you are getting the “The table ‘202_clicks_spy’ is full” error message, then you will want to run these command from phpMyAdmin;

Login to WHM, then go to Main >> SQL Services >> phpMyAdmin. Once phpMyAdmin opens, select the database from the left hand side you wish to work with.

Once the database is selected, click on the SQL tab at the top of the screen. The will open a query window. Run each of the following sql statements separately in the query window

ALTER TABLE `202_clicks_spy` ENGINE = MYISAM

Click on ‘Go’ in the lower right corner to execute the query and then run

Click on ‘Go’ in the lower right corner again to execute the query.

You will see the results at the top of the query window “Successfully executed SQL statement’ or something to that effect.
Problem solved.


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