Kui: a Framework for Enhancing CLIs with Graphics

We love CLIs and think they are critical for interacting in a flexible way with the cloud. We need the power to go off the rails. But ASCII is tedious. Kui takes your normal kubectl command-line requests and responds with graphics. Instead of ASCII tables, you are presented with sortable ones. Instead of copying and pasting long auto-generated…

SheetHacks: Discover the best tips and tricks for Google Sheets and Excel.

SheetHacks – Discover the best tips and tricks for Google Sheets and ExcelBuilt with a carefully curated spreadsheet + Polymer Search    |   Present your data with Polymer Source: SheetHacks: Discover the best tips and tricks for Google Sheets and Excel.

Double Commander 

Double Commander is a free cross-platform open-source file manager with two panels side by side. It is inspired by Total Commander and features some new ideas. Double Commander can be run on several platforms and operating systems. It supports 32-bit and 64-bit processors. See Supported platforms for a complete list. Dark Mode doublecmd (this link opens in a new window)…

Free online Coding Platforms

Free online Coding platforms to learn and improve your coding skills from learnprogramming

Kubetools – A Curated List of Kubernetes Tools | kubetools

Kubetools – Curated List of Kubernetes ToolsThere are more than 200+ Kubernetes Certified Service Providers and tons of distributions. Choosing a right distribution can be a daunting task. Kubetools is built with a purpose. It is contributed and managed by Collabnix community to target the most popular tools and technique and coming up with the…

Emacsair! Magit, the magical Git interface

Magit is a text-based user interface to Git. It looks similar to the output of git itself. Unlike when using git directly, a Magit user does not execute commands by typing them into a shell. The main entry point to Magit isn’t the command-line but its status buffer, which looks like this:Source: Emacsair! Magit, the…


nsh A command-line shell that focuses on productivity and swiftness featuring: A POSIX compliant interactive shell with some Bash extensions.Tab completions and syntax highlighting.Bash completion support (by internally invoking the genuine Bash).Builtin zero configration features.Written in Rust  https://github.com/nuta/nsh Dark Mode nsh (this link opens in a new window) by nuta (this link opens in a…

hTime – The Global Clock

Combining UTC and local times (time zones) in one new clock (thehtime.com) Source: hTime – The Global Clock

vscode.dev – Visual Studio Code for the Web

Announcing vscode.dev Visual Studio Code for the Web! When you go to https://vscode.dev, you’ll be presented with a lightweight version of VS Code running fully in the browser. Open a folder on your local machine and start coding. Source: vscode.dev Visual Studio Code for the Web


Helmify is a CLI utility that creates Helm charts from Kubernetes YAML files. It reads a list of supported k8s objects from stdin and converts it to a helm chart. Designed to generate charts for k8s operators but not limited to. See examples of charts generated by helmify. Dark Mode helmify (this link opens in a new window) by arttor (this link opens…

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