Lets Encrypt Stricter Validation

Let’s Encrypt engineer…

On Wednesday February 19th, 2020 we’ll turn on stricter validation requirements 1.7k in production. We’ll make multiple validation requests from different network perspectives. Most issuance should continue as normal; we believe that a small number of domain names may need fixing. The most common issue will be hosts that use extremely strict firewall rules to allow validation from only specified IP addresses (a practice we do not recommend 494).


Vimulation for VS Code

Modal Editing in VS Code

ModalEdit is a simple but powerful extension that adds configurable “normal” mode to VS Code. Vim made the concept of modal editing popular among developers and IT professionals. ModalEdit is not a Vim emulation, though. It does not define any default key mappings out-of-the-box. Instead, it encourages you to create your own keyboard layout and customize the editor to suit your preferences.

Gretel: Sensitive Data Sharing

Data is valuable for helping developers and engineers to build new features and better innovate. But that data is often highly sensitive and out of reach, kept under lock and key by red tape and compliance, which can take weeks to get approval. So, the engineers started Gretel, an early-stage startup that aims to help developers safely share and collaborate with sensitive data in real time.