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kluctl is the missing glue that puts together your (and any third-party) deployments into one large declarative Kubernetes deployment, while making it fully manageable (deploy, diff, prune, delete, …) via one unified command line interface.

Use kluctl to:

  • Organize large and complex deployments, consisting of many Helm charts and kustomize deployments
  • Do the same for small and simple deployments, as the overhead is small
  • Always know what the state of your deployments is by being able to run diffs on the whole deployment
  • Always know what you actually changed after performing a deployment
  • Keep your clusters clean by issuing regular prune calls
  • Deploy the same deployment to multiple environments (dev, test, or prod), with flexible differences in configuration
  • Manage multiple target clusters (in multiple clouds or bare-metal if you want)
  • Manage encrypted secrets for multiple target environments and clusters (based on Sealed Secrets)
  • Integrate it into your CI/CI pipelines and avoid putting too much logic into your shell scripts


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