This site is one of the ways in which Red Hat gives something back to the open source community. Our desire is to create a connection point for conversations about the broader impact that open source can have–and is having–even beyond the software world. We think of this site as a “Red Hat community service.” Meaning: all ideas are welcome, and all participants are welcome.

This will not be a site for Red Hat, about Red Hat. Instead this will be a site for open source, about the future. What you see today is only a beginning. In the spirit of open source, we are releasing the site early. We will grow its functionality and content over time based on ideas we create together.

With your help, this will be a place that connects people, creates dialog, and–if we dare to dream–maybe even changes the world a little bit for the better.

Good to have you here. Let’s get started.


I am a g33k, Linux blogger, developer, student and Tech Writer for My passion for all things tech drives my hunt for all the coolz. I often need a vacation after I get back from vacation....

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