Nutty is a browser tool in which you can share your local desktop terminal console with a remote user. It does not matter if you or the remote user is behind firewall.

Installation (3 steps):

  1. Install Extension
    After installing the extension you will see  icon beside the address bar.
  2. Install tmux
    • Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install tmux
    • Fedora: sudo yum install tmux
    • MacOSX: sudo brew install tmux
      (install brew from here)
  3. Run one the following commands in terminal:
    sudo pip install nutty

    Or if you don’t have pip installed, run:

    curl -s | sudo sh

After step-3 click  icon beside the address bar to start terminal in the Chrome browser, it will also give you a unique URL which you can share with a remote user.

You can view the FAQ with more info here




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