Multi-domain UCC SSL certificates on Nginx with 1 IP address


In the past it has not been possible to serve SSL requests for multiple domains from the same IP address. So you had two choices:

Use one IP address per SSL-enabled site – clearly not a great solution considering the increasing scarcity of IP addresses. Also, some cloud providers (e.g. Amazon EC2) only issue one IP address per server.
Use a wildcard certificate – This can work well if you only need to secure sub-domains. The cost can also be considerably greater for this type of certificate.
But it is now also possible to use a Multi-domain UCC SSL certificate. This allows you to have a single certificate which covers up to 150 domains. The documentation for technique is still a little thin, so we wanted to share our process for getting this set up.

Before we go on, I should mention UCC stands for ‘Unified Communications Certificate’. We will be using the phrase ‘UCC certificate’ quite a lot in this blog post. Yes, it is a bit redundant, but that is just how we roll.

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