A platform for easily managing your cloud server and Wireguard access

Mistborn started as a passion project for a husband and father protecting his family. Certain family members insisted on connecting their devices to free WiFi networks. We needed a way to secure all family devices with a solid VPN (Wireguard). Once we had that we wanted to control DNS to block ads to all devices and block malicious and pornographic websites across all family devices. Then we wanted chat, file-sharing, and webchat services that we could use for ourselves without entrusting our data to some big tech company. And then… home automation. I know I’ll be adding services as I go so I made that easy to do.

Wireguard Pihole VPN w/ DNScrypt + Nextcloud, Syncthing, Rocket.Chat, Home Assistant, Jellyfin, Bitwarden, OnlyOffice, and Tor

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