Logview for WHM/Cpanel

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LogView is an exclusive! add-on product for cPanel servers running on Linux.
LogView features:

This script provides provides a graphical interface for cpanel severs, extending WHM features which previously needed to be performed using command line instructions. LogView makes it simpler with fewer tasks to view system logs.
logview allows you to easily view logs, and view the content of the logs. Since LogView uses a graphical interface it eliminates the need to login using any SSH2 programs or any confusing commands.

LogView Install Instructions (download from above if needed)

* Login to your server as a root user
* wget http://www.logview.org/logview-install
* chmod +x logview-install
* ./logview-install
* Wait for install complete message
* rm -f logview-install

LogView is now installed on your server!

* Login to WHM
* Go to Add-Ons >> LogView – File System Log Viewer
* Start using LogView

LogView UN-Install Instructions

* Login to your server as a root user
* wget http://www.logview.org/logview-uninstall
* chmod +x logview-uninstall
* ./logview-uninstall
* Wait for uninstall complete message
* rm -f logview-uninstall

LogView has been un-installed


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