Ksplice Uptrack™

Ksplice Uptrack is a new service that lets you effortlessly
keep your Linux systems up to date and secure, without rebooting.

Once you’ve completed the easy installation process, your system
will be set up to receive rebootless updates instead of
traditional, disruptive updates.

Free for Ububtu 9.04 & 9.10

Installation instructions

Once you click the link, a dialog box will appear:
Make sure “Open with GDebi Package Installer” is selected, and click “OK”. The installer will appear:
Click “Install Package”, and the installation will begin. You will be prompted for your password:
Enter it, and click “OK”. You will next be prompted to agree to the terms of service:
Check the box and click “Forward”. The installation process will continue. When Ksplice Uptrack is fully installed, the Ksplice Uptrack Manager will appear:
Ksplice Uptrack is now installed on your system and ready to apply the latest fixes to Linux, all without rebooting. For more information on how to use Ksplice Uptrack, see the how to use it page.


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