Source: Install The Lounge on CentOS using the Snap Store | Snapcraft

The following directions assume snap is not installed. If snap is installed

  • Install snap.
    yum install epel-release
    yum install snapd
    systemctl enable –now snapd
    snapd.socket ln -s /var/lib/snapd/snap /snap
  • Install theLounge
    snap install thelounge

Create users

After installing run the following in a terminal/console:

sudo thelounge add $USER

Replace $USER with your preferred Lounge username. You will be prompted to add a password once you’ve authenticated for sudo. When you have added your username navigate to http://localhost:9000/ (replace localhost with your server IP or hostname if you are on a different machine) and login with your new username and password.

Enable https

For this to work, port 80 on your device must be Internet accessible.

Run the following in a terminal/console:

sudo thelounge.cert-generate

Next, enter your email address, agree to the terms of service and enter your domain when prompted.

Update the https stanza in thelounge configuration, replacing with your domain.

sudo nano /var/snap/thelounge/current/home/config.js

The https stanza should look something like this:

 https: {
     enable: true,
     key: "/var/snap/thelounge/common/letsencrypt/live/",
     certificate: "/var/snap/thelounge/common/letsencrypt/live/",
     ca: "",

Finally, restart thelounge to enable https.

sudo snap restart thelounge

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