Here is a quick little one liner to check what the excludes policy on a CentOS cPanel server is:

#wget -q -O - | python

Loaded plugins: priorities, protectbase, rhnplugin main: ['bind-chroot',
'courier*', 'dovecot*', 'exim*', 'filesystem', 'httpd*', 'mod_ssl*',
'mydns*', 'mysql*', 'nsd*', 'perl*', 'php*', 'proftpd*', 'pure-ftpd*',
'ruby*', 'spamassassin*', 'squirrelmail*'] epel - [] rpmforge - [] system-base - [] system-updates-released - []

This will output the policy in a clean format for each repository enabled on the server, along with the exclude setup for that repo.

Remember: the “main:” section in yum is the global system/repowide config settings and anything listed within there would be excluded from all repository updates.

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