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I have been playing with this option for many months to try and get code to display properly in the posts. I was using the code:

***code goes in here***

which was giving me the look seen in this post:

I am now using the CodeColorer Word Press plugin which provides the following features:

    * syntax highlighting in RSS feeds
    * syntax highlighting of single line of code (inline)
    * syntax highlighting of code in comments
    * line numbers
    * automatic links to the documentation inserting
    * code block intelligent scroll detection
    * predefined color themes
    * syntax colors customization in CSS file
    * code protect from mangling by WordPress

Other WordPress Plugin Code Converters

The following WordPress Plugins will help you convert programming languages and codes into something that can be displayed on your blog’s post in WordPress. Most of these will convert anything listed inside a < code > or < pre > tag and/or will add a button to the quicktags button bar to allow one button adding of code that is automatically converted.

In general, the following plugins will only help you convert HTML, XHMTL, CSS, Javascript, and other web-based programming languages. They are not useful for mathematical equations.

Snytax Highlighter WordPress Plugins

These WordPress Plugins will convert code into something the browser can read, and offer the ability to color different areas of your code to help it be more readable. These are excellent for bloggers who publish large chunks of code as they tend to make the code more readable. Many of the Plugins listed under Specialized Language Code below also include syntax highlighting, however, these only convert simple HTML/CSS code, not various programming languages.

Some allow a lot of customization, others only a little.

Specialized Language Code Converter WordPress Plugins

Example of LaTex equation in WordPressAll of these will convert code, but the conversion code isn’t as simple as turning < into < . These deal with specialized programming or mathematical equations and formulas. Many also feature syntax highlighting.

If you specialize in a specific programming language, check the different Plugins to find the one that will meet your needs.

Hope this information is helpful.


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