HT Password manger


HT Password manger manages apache’s htpasswd files. Manage multiple password files with separate per-file administrator. Administrators can add/delete/search and reset password for all users & users can change their own passwords.

* Manages multiple htpasswd files
* Administrators can be specified for each file.
* Identifies the role of logged in user and redirects apporpriately
* Administrators can: Add/Remove/List/Search/Reset Password for all users
* Normal Users can reset their own password

Installation and configuration.
Download the package – here
Copy the package into a desired location under your webroot and open config.php file.
For each passwd file, set the following three values:

$realm[0] -> A friendly name to identify the passwd file. Users will see only this name.
$pwdfile[0] -> Path to the passwd file(can be absolute or relative to webroot). The file should be writable by webserver user(nobody/apache).
$admin[0] -> User with administrative privilege. Should be a memeber of the $pwdfile. Multiple administrators can be specified by comma seperation.


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