How to install cpanel on Centos


:: install cpanel on linux

[ linux: ~ ]# yum install perl wget
[ linux: ~ ]# wget
[ linux: ~ ]# sh latest

thats it once it is done installing, assuming you have a license, you can access whm and start to configure it.

If your license is expired;

1. Is the license really expired?
This is very easy to verify. Visit and input your server’s ip for verification.

2. Is the server’s hostname a fully qualified domain name?

root@box [~]# host `hostname` has address

The hostname should be formated properly, such as “”. There have been known cases where having an invalid hostname has caused license errors.

3. Does cpkeyclt report a problem?
Run the following command:


This should promptly return the command line with no error messages. If it takes longer than 5 seconds, then there is probably a connectivity issue between your server and the cpanel licensing server.

4. Is there a firewall blocking connections to the licensing server?
Out going tcp connections to port 2089 need to be open, with all established and related traffic being allowed through the firewall (also known as a stateful connection). If you are unsure of your firewall’s configuration, turn it off and try to run the above command again. If it completes succesfully, then your firewall is to blame.

5. Is the license IP address bound directly to the interface(main ip of the machine) and not an IP alias?
This has been known to cause problems on multiple machines. Please insure that the IP licensed is the main IP address of your server. Also, please verify that the netmask is set correctly for both your main IP address, as well as any IP aliases you have on the server.


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