How do I get started with Linux?

I have been asked how does one enter the fruitful land of Linux, well, in a nutshell here it is;

1. Download you favorite iso image from
2. Burn the iso file to a CD using your favorite CD burning software.
Remember to burn the .iso using the “Burn image to CD” option or “Burn CD iso image” option. Check your programs help files for details. Note that you can’t just burn it to a data disc as a file as you normally would, you need to burn it as a bootable image.
3. Set up your BIOS to boot from CD. To enter the BIOS, you need to hit a certain key as your computer starts. Find the boot options page and set “boot from CD” to the highest priority.
4. Put the CD in the drive and restart your computer.
5. The CD will boot either into a live or install environment, you choose from there. A live environment will not change anything on your computer, install will install the distro.


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