Get list of non-free software Installed – Ubuntu

The vrms (Virtual Richard M. Stallman) program will analyze the set of currently-installed packages on a Debian GNU/Linux system, and report all of the packages from the non-free tree which are currently installed.

Future versions of vrms will include an option to also display text from the public writings of RMS and others that explain why use of each of the installed non-free packages might cause moral issues for some in the Free Software community. This functionality is not yet included.

Install vrms in ubuntu

sudo apt-get install vrms

This will complete the installation at the time of installation you should see the following message
An invocation of vrms has been added to the set of cron jobs run on a monthly basis, so that you will get a periodic reminder of non-free packages which are installed on your system.
if you want to run manually use the following command



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