Get email notification of root login

Have root logins emailed to you

1. Login to your server and su to root, unless you logged in as root already.

2. cd /root (unless your default login folder is already root)

3. pico .bashrc (or use your favorite editor)

4. Scroll to the end of the file then add the following:
echo ‘ALERT – Root Shell Access (YourserverName) on:’ `date` `who` | mail -s “Alert: Root Access from `who | cut -d”(” -f2 | cut -d”)” -f1`”

Replace YourServerName with the handle for your actual server for example dwhs4 @

Replace you @ with your actual email address for example support @

5. Crtl + X then Y

Now logout of SSH, close the connection and log back in! You should receive an email address of the root login alert a few minutes afterwards.


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