Linux and other Unix-like systems

Try the JavaWebStart installer.
If it doesn’t work, please try the instructions given below.

You need to have a recent Java Runtime Environment (JRE). We have experienced best results with Sun’s Java Runtime Environment which can be obtained via your package manager or from

Java version 1.5 and later will work. However, be aware that there are applet security vulnerabilities in all versions prior to Java 1.5 update 4. Generally, we recommend using latest. Also, you will need wget for the below commands to work (on Ubuntu, apt-get install wget).

Open a terminal and type:

wget -O new_installer_offline.jar
java -jar new_installer_offline.jar

Alternatively, downloading the installer (gpg signature) and then clicking on the file may work on some systems, but if there are problems we recommend the above command lines.

Headless install

Or do the following on a headless system:
tar xvzf freenet07.tar.gz
cd freenet
./ start

Read the FAQ on how to enable web-access from a remote computer.

Note that this will not install the system tray icon or desktop/menu shortcuts, so you should open Freenet manually in a web browser:
Note also that most people use the GUI installer – use that if you can. The scripts in the headless installer can be a bit unreliable, so try again if it doesn’t work the first time. And you must have Sun Java installed and set as default (man update-java-alternatives on debian/ubuntu) before you install.

Uninstalling Freenet on Linux

For those of you who have installed Freenet for a reason or another and want to get rid of it, you might have found that it is not possible using conventionnal means (Synaptic/apt). This method works with the current version of Freenet (as of september 2009):

1. Open a terminal and type
cd ~/Freenet/Uninstaller
2. Now, type java -jar uninstaller.jar
3. Follow the instructions


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