DreamPie is a Python shell which is designed to be reliable and fun and was designed from the ground up to bring you a great interactive Python experience:

  1. * DreamPie features a new concept for an interactive shell: the window is divided into the history box, which lets you view previous commands and their output, and the code box, where you write your code. This allows you to edit any amount of code, just like in your favorite editor, and execute it when it’s ready. You can also copy code from anywhere, edit it and run it instantly.

  2. * The Copy code only command will copy the code you want to keep, so you can save it in a file. The code is already formatted nicely with a four-space indentation.
  3. * Features automatic completion of attributes and file names.
  4. * Automatically displays function arguments and documentation.
  5. * Keeps your recent results in the result history, for later user.
  6. * Can automatically fold long outputs, so you can concentrate on what’s important.
  7. * Lets you save the history of the session as an HTML file, for future reference. You can then load the history file into DreamPie, and quickly redo previous commands.
  8. * Supports interactive plotting with matplotlib.
  9. * Supports Python 2.5, Python 2.6, Jython 2.5, IronPython 2.6 and Python 3.1.
  10. * Works on Windows and Linux.
  11. * Extremely fast and responsive.
  12. * Free software licensed under GPL version 3.
  13. Download Page Here


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